LED Candle Lanterns Are Safe and Rugged

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Lanterns with an integrated LED candle have become a popular gift choice for customers. Sold in specialty shops, novelty shops, and gift stores, battery operated lanterns provide the look of a moving flame without the risk of fire or damage to your lantern. Since LEDs generate no heat, they are safe for kids to use, making them a perfect addition in and around your home

Mirage by Candle Impressions creates the look of a moving flame with outdoor-safe candles that are integrated into beautiful metal lanterns with a number of timer settings. There is no need to constantly change batteries or replace candles, making it a convenient and quiet source of light that will automatically light each night.

LED candle lanterns can handle rugged use and excel in the outdoors. Flame-free candles provide a very good light output, bright and compact enough for nearly any situation. With LED lanterns, there is no need to exercise caution around flammable materials, making them safe enough for children, yet rugged enough for the outdoors.
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What Makes Good LED Candle Lanterns?

Whether you are comparing LED candle lanterns for your home or store, there are some discerning qualities that separate one brand from the next.


The most important thing to consider when buying LED candle lanterns is the design. Mirage carries a number of beautiful lantern designs that appeal to a variety of tastes and are made of top-quality materials. Outdoor Mirage LED candles are included with the lanterns, which is a great selling point for customers who are looking for a ready-to-use décor piece or gift item.

Long Battery Life

A good lantern needs to be long lasting and reliable. A good flameless candle will have a long battery life, making it a dependable source of light without having to consistently replace and dispose batteries.

The Look of Moving Flame

Mirage moving flame LED candles look beautiful in lantern accessories. . The bright candlelight dances off of the glass, creating a stunning ambiance and soothing light. Since they do not generate heat, Mirage LED candles can provide the light and ambience of real candles without the added risk. 

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